Lunch talk

(Thrifted blouse, skirt, & belt / ASOS bag / Target shoes)

I think  I mentioned before how my friends and I share a common interest (read: obsession, :P)  in food. So, last week we headed to 9 South Chargrill, a locally owned eatery. The restaurant itself is not so big though it’s cozy. The menu offers many choices from steaks to pasta, sandwiches to seafood. It can be a bit overwhelming as they all sound delicious but one thing for sure it won’t break the bank. As college kids, that last point is important for us.

We started with the chicken wings with house hot sauce. They are our favorite. The wings were marinated before cooking so they were really tasty and crispy (we’re thinking they used honey that usually gives that caramelized crispness, but we might be wrong). I had the beef medallions which was prepared beautifully. I’m seriously eating all the steaks I can before flying home… Steaks here are cheap and so tender compared to the ones back home.  So, if you happened to past town, maybe while crossing the I-80, stop here for a meal. Don’t forget to order the wings :).

*Off topic: I’ve been wearing these Target sandals and ASOS bag a lot so pardon me for they showed up in the last 3 outfit posts :).

4 responses to “Lunch talk

  1. oh my goodness!! The food looks SO amazing… going out for dinner is the best! And your outfit is gorgeous. Love the mix of prints. Plus the belt & sandals are the perfect touch. Hope you are having a terrific Friday. xx veronika

  2. Oh now, now I’m so hungry! The chicken wings and the ice cream are calling me…

    Love the belt and the bag!

  3. This food looks so delicious! I love your pretty floral skirt with the red belt, too!

  4. looks yummy, will sure make a visit to 9 South Chargrill and hope I too get served the same tasty Pastas that you and your friends had (without too much hole in a pocket).

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