It’s OK to be nostalgic

How’s everyone’s Easter weekend? I’m currently munching cadbury eggs now. Easter candy makes me happy. Anyway, I hope it’s not too late to talk about Easter weekend now… on a Thursday after. The highlight was the Easter dinner with my (let’s make it simple) host family. Pam and I have spent the last 6 years coming to their house for Thanksgiving and Easter dinners. For both of us this Easter was our last here.

I felt a twang of sadness coming in, knowing that would be the last time we’re having holiday dinner together. I love the whole sitting around the table, passing around dishes, and having a meal as a family. That was one thing that I really miss when I first moved here.  My family always do it for dinner but as I live here by myself, my usual at-home dinner companion is video streaming on Hulu or Netflix. In short , I am so grateful for getting to know my host family and for their hospitality all these years.

(Dress: Twitch Vintage/thrifted blazer and belt/Sanita clog via RueLala/Target socks/ASOS bag)

Lately, I’ve been feeling nostalgic about this place. I’m so grateful for learning so much from my time in the U.S. However, I’ve made my decision and that is to fly back after my graduation in June.  Next chapter in life, bring it on!

2 responses to “It’s OK to be nostalgic

  1. The colors in this look are so springy and nice! I love that bag, too!

  2. The colorful flowers on the tree are getting diminished as compare to your grace in your blue dress.

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