Disney: Animal Kingdom

For my third and final day at Disney World, we decided to go to both Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. We thought we would have time to explore more but oh we were so wrong. Unlike the times when we went to Epcot and Magic Kingdom, that day the parks were packed… jammed with Spring Break-ers. We had lots of fun nonetheless.

Did I mention how much I love the shows at Disney parks? So.. so much! The Lion King show is full of colorful costumes, singing, dancing, and acrobats a la cirque du soleil. I also like the 3D show “It’s hard to be a Bug” with an unexpected ending.

We also did Kali River Rapids which was not that bad. It was a mild ride but I got soaked nonetheless. Then it was time for the parade. How cute is Minnie’s jeep? Very, I say.

During our breakfast meet-up, Emma mentioned the safari to be one of her favorite rides. And it was cool. We rode the big safari jeep and found ourselves in the middle of all these animals who just enjoying themselves in the sun. The lion and lioness took a nap. The hippo too was sleeping in his pond :).

2 responses to “Disney: Animal Kingdom

  1. thanks a lot!

    I was in Disney Land Paris a couple of years ago, and I have to say I didn’t really enjoyed. But when the parade came, I felt like a child again. It was a great experience!

  2. I was there in month of August…it was great time there spending with my kids. You have clicked some good photos which couldn’t as I forgot my digi cam incidentally which was a big humorous story behind that.

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