The night is young

(Forever 21 dress/Target shoes/drugstore tights/ASOS bag/thrifted jewelries)

Last weekend, AP flew in from North Carolina and we spent Saturday  evening a ladies night.. well, 3.5 girls actually. Andrew did a drag show again earlier that night so he was an honorary lady for the night :).

After Andrew’s show we went to Marz for a drink and tapas. The seared beef and the mushroom plates were so tasty.  i also had their peach and ginger infused champagne which was also really good.

(AP, Andrew, & Pam looking fab)

Our pictures session was cut short after i somehow tripped and fell on the curb while trying to take their picture. What a ‘graceful’ way to end the evening.

3 responses to “The night is young

  1. I really like your fringe! (I guess Americans say bangs) It’s a really good look on you. Sounds like a fun night :)

  2. very cute bag! the food looks delicious!

  3. Those shoes are from target?? I need to go to target more often. Great look. Love the styling.

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