The fact is…

I was tagged by Emma of Emma’s Music with this blog award (thank you again, dear!) a couple of weeks ago and since then I’ve been crunching my brain trying to think about 7 facts about myself to share with you… haha, ok I was just making an excuse. Anyway, so here we go…

1. I love musicals. This started way before Glee. I was in my high school’s musical production in the early 2000’s (did i just reveal my age?) in which we did an adaptation of Fame. I have to say that I did good in it. I was my high school’s star for the next 2 weeks after the production. Then it was time for the National exam and my stardom faded away.

2. I love karaoke and I broke out into songs more often than I really should. Ask my roommate, she is my witness. My go-to karaoke song is Aerosmith’s Don’t Wanna Lose a Thing.

3. I’m addicted to (reality) food programs. I was sad when Angelo and Dale T. were eliminated from Top Chef all-star. I stopped watching after Dale was sent home. However, I’m glad Richard won. I also love Food Network’s Chopped. And, of course Bourdain’s No Reservations top my list..

4. People rarely got my nationality/ethnicity right. When I was in Singapore they thought I was a Chinese or Filipino. Here in the US, I can apparently pass off as a Mexican and the best guess I ever got was Turkish. Fun times :P

5. More interestingly, most people thought I was younger than my real age. As a senior in college, my sophomore research assistant partner thought I was a freshman. There were times that new acquaintances demanded me to show my id because they didn’t believe when I told them my age. Fun times part deux :P

6. I’m fascinated by the culture of India. Growing up my favorite tv show and comic book was the story of Mahabharata. The protagonists in this epic are the Pandava brothers. Accidentally my ex and my current boyfriend’s names are derived from two of the five Pandava brothers. A friend pointed it out to me and jokingly told me I’m a crazy fanatic. Definitely I would LOVE to visit India one day.

7.  I’m a super late sleeper. That’s why my blog was updated either very late at night or very early in the morning. Like in this case, it’s 4 a.m and I better get some sleep.

Next, I’m tagging: Yours Truly, 2095, Unocosa, Rockabella, Starship Narcissus, Afeitar, District of Chic, Twitch Vintage.

p.s. Emma also did a feature of this little blog of mine on her blog last week. Thank you for the shout out, dear. Everyone, and I really mean everyone, should check Emma’s blog. She shares her wonderful music every week that will make you think of rainbows, sunshine, and amazing fireworks like in Disney World.

One response to “The fact is…

  1. Such great facts! I love sleeping in too…

    And I think your comment about my music may be one of my favorite compliments EVER! Thank you so much, dear!

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