Disney: Magic Kingdom

Second installment of my Disney adventures. This was probably the most successful leg. When we went to Magic Kingdom, the Spring break crowd was still rather scarce. There were many people but it was not packed.. packed. Also, I rode three of the highlighted rides: Space Mountain,  Big Thunder coaster, and Splash Mountain. I’d say that I prefer outdoor coasters than indoor. The whole moving in high speed in total darkness did not give me as much of that fun adrenaline rush.

I love the parade. I joined the kids and screamed these characters’ names as they passed by. Genieee…! Love you!

I really really really LOVE Disney’s show. Philharmagic is a 3D show where Donald, being his curious and itchy-hand that he is, brings havoc to Mickey’s orchestra. This is one of my favorite Disney’s ‘ride’.

It was pouring when we got out of our last ride so they canceled the night parade. However, the rain finally reduced to a drizzle that they went on with the fireworks show.  I’m so glad they did. They played instrumentals from their films and animations.  As cheesy as it sounds, I did sing along with it especially when they played  Aladdin and Beauty and Beast :).

5 responses to “Disney: Magic Kingdom

  1. Great photos! The last one with the castle and fireworks is perfection. So jealous :P

  2. Wow! Such great photos! I love Philharmagic too.

  3. Yeahy! Looks like such a fun time!

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