In the reflection

Oh, I’ve been hoarding these pictures for about a month now. Can you believe these were taken in the winter? It was such a warm and lovely day that we decided to had our lunch at the park. At the moment, the so called Spring, has been cold and snowy/icy mix for us. Dear Spring God/Goddess, please bring warm weather soon.

Anyway, we found this pool of melted snow near our picnic bench and were in awe with how clear our reflections were in the water. That shows how rarely we do outdoor things… we get excited over the smallest things! But I am glad we went to the park that day.   It was such a joy to  have our subs and cheesecake in the sun after long winter days.

(All thrifted except the Kitson jacket via hautelook)

On a completely different note, I received my first speeding ticket this week. Yikes! I managed to dodge traffic tickets (though I had 3 warnings before) all these years and right before I leave, I got one. Hopefully it’s be the first and the last. I’m going to the courthouse tomorrow, hopefully they can either reduce the fine or let me go for STOP class. Wish me luck!

2 responses to “In the reflection

  1. Good luck on your court date tomorrow! Phew!

    Those pics are so pretty! Love the reflective effect!

  2. Oh! Forgot to tell you! You’re going to be my Feature Friday blog tomorrow! <3!

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